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Ardamis Traditional Guesthouses

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The Traditional Hostel Ardamis is housed in the most significant building of the Monemvasia Castle, whose history goes many centuries back. It was the governors house during the Venetian rule and a residency during the Ottoman rule, while two Byzantine emperors have also been welcomed there. The building was renovated with respect, without absolutely any alteration of the areas, keeping its particular architectural elements intact, thus highlighting its beauty and history, while at the same time offering all modern luxuries.
Some of the guest house special elements are the unique Castle tower, 14 meters high with seven windows, an 800 years old marble well, a true copy whereof is exhibited in the Museum of Istanbul and a picture whereof is exhibited in the Castle Museum, and of course the guest house 100 m2 balcony right above the sea which many Greek and foreign magazines and visitors have called the balcony of the Mediterranean.