The Bridge of Monemvasia [Gefyra] – The modern town

Gefyra [bridge], Monemvasias’s modern town, built amphitheatrically opposite the Castle, welcomes you in this dreamlike passage through time and history, which will undoubtedly fill your travelogues with the most beautiful colors and the most impressive images. Modern infrastructure, shops, traditional stores, restaurants, cafeterias, clubs, and all the amenities that one would ask from a modern town, combined with the irresistible charm of the impressive Rock, as it reveals itself in front of you while you are marveling Monemvasia from the balcony of one of the many small, quaint hotels in the area, will sweep you away and take you into a dreamy journey of the senses. The small or bigger waves of the Laconic Gulf travel you in time, the aromas and tastes of the local cuisine leave no one indifferent, the small, wonderful, virgin beaches with the clear blue waters cool the body and revive the senses. The aroma of “rodonero”, the rose water, filling the air around the many traditional sweetshops of the town, invite you to taste the exquisite macaroons of Monemvasia, “samousades”, ravioli and “diples” – a classic Greek sweet- all made with taste and authentic local products.